Friday, December 2, 2011

Breaking News About Pagoclone

I have received the following comment from Dr. Gerald Maguire, UC Irvine School of Medicine, who has been involved in the pagoclone trials:

Thank you for your informative blog. I would like your readers to know that Endo Pharmaceuticals has decided to focus on their core business of urology and pain management and will not continue the pagoclone stuttering research program. Our university will be starting our next pharmaceutical trial of asenapine in stuttering in the coming weeks. We are fortunate that Merck has funded this important double-blind trial in stuttering. The mechanism of asenapine, being a dopamine-antagonist, is more clearly defined in stuttering than the partial dopamine agonist of pagoclone. Keep up the great work with your blog! 

We will be looking forward to the publication of the results from the pagoclone stage 2 trials by Dr. Maguire et al.


Gerald A. Maguire, MD said...

I apologize for my typo. Pagoclone is a partial GABA alpha agonist.

Thank you!

Gerald A. Maguire, MD said...

We are also finalizing the manuscript for submission of the most recent pagoclone study. Once the article is in public domain, I will let your readers know.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Maguire- Do you think that Pagoclone will be released to the public as some kind of other medication, so that stutterers can try it off-label? Or is that not in the cards.

Gerald Maguire, MD said...

Unless another company obtains the license/rights to pagoclone, I do not believe it will move forward toward eventual FDA approval. UC Irvine will continue to research other medications for stuttering so please stay in contact.

Unknown said...

I'm from Brazil, when I get stressed, nervous, tends to become more stutterer, I'm very shy too, hope that Dr Gerald Maguire, get success in their research, to help millions of people who suffer from this disorder