Friday, March 25, 2011

ITunes Podcasts on Stuttering

I found a number of podcasts all available free on ITunes. I gather that most of these can be found also on the web. They include: by Peter Reties and Eric Jackson (165 episodes)

Stuttering is Cool by Daniele Rossi (114)

Stuttering 101 by the Stuttertalk people (26)

Stuttering Me by Greg@Stuttering.Me (39)

Make Room for the Stuttering by Pamela Mertz (50)

Stuttering John Smith (28)

In addition, you can buy the complete episodes of Porky Pig for about $20 or one episode entitled "The Case of the Stuttering Pig" for about $2.00. But it is questionable as to whether Porky was a stutterer--he may have been a clutterer or maybe even a stutterer/clutterer.

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