Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rationale for this Blog

I received this comment from an anonymous source recently.  My response is below.

Your blog seems interesting and useful. However, I'm puzzled that it seems entirely anonymous - unless I'm missing something. Personally, I'm always skeptical and suspicious of anything that's written anonymously. I think, who is this guy? What's his agenda, and what's he trying to hide? Why not tell your readers who you are and why you're writing, like a normal blog? I think you'd be better respected and more widely read, and your ideas would be more likely to be accepted.

This is not an ego-based blog and personalities and their identification are not required.  Look at this blog as a counter-weight to those blogs that slant toward an anti-drug perspective.  Unfortunately, drug therapy is just about the only game in town for the alleviation of stuttering. There are drugs currently on the market that have the potential to improve fluency.  And virtually all drugs have associated risks, but the decision to take a drug should be based on a cost-benefit analysis (in this case benefits include "negative benefits"--i.e. risks-- as well as positive benefits of improved fluency).  Hiding behind the placebo explanation when individuals report improved fluency when using, for example, pagoclone, I think, may insult the intelligences of these individuals.  Whether or not these individuals are representive of  the larger community of stutterers or are part of a smaller subgroup is currently an open question.

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Anonymous said...

Just because ones blog has a name associated with it doesn't mean its ego-based. There are shades of grey. Since the information on this blog is so cutting edge, I'm sure most don't mind that it comes from an anonymous source.